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Woman In The Moon Astrology: Spring Starts with a New Moon

We are starting off Spring with its first New Moon in Aries! A New Moon and where it is placed in your birth chart represents where you will invest more of your energy in the following 2 weeks.  Events that you initiate at a New Moon begin to move toward completion at the next Full Moon in 2 weeks–  April 11!!!

ARIES – Put It Out There to the Universe, Dear Aries!!! The new moon on March 27 has your name written all over it. The Sun, new moon, Venus, Uranus and Mercury will be in Aries – that is remarkable, for that adds up to having half our solar system cruising in your sign – and those heavenly bodies will put you in the lead. You will have control over events and relationships, and things will likely go your way. This could be a landmark month, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now in your marriage house, and you may be making a promise to the one you love.  March 25 – April 6 birthdays are reaching for the stars and getting to keep one in their pocket for the next 2 weeks!!  Whether you change your appearance or change a habit, you are very popular right now!  Take advantage, please!!!

TAURUS –  At the new moon in Aries on March 27, you will crave rest. You will do best by working behind closed doors, alone, in an environment of privacy. Your intuition and desires seem to come forward right now. You will get an enormous amount of work done and be exceptionally creative, bringing you a great feeling of pride in all that you’ve achieved. This same time would be the right time to see a coach or therapist about a habit you’d like to give up or a problem that has been troubling you. Hospitals and institutions are accented. You’d get special insight that may trigger a eureka moment that puts you on a new path.

GEMINI– This will be one of the lighter months filled with social events and friends. After almost two months of concentration on your career, the universe will provide you balance in terms of fun. With the new moon, Sun, Uranus (surprise), Mercury (your ruler), and Venus in Aries, you will have half the solar system in your eleventh house of friends, fun, and new contacts. Additionally, you may take on a role in a charity or attend a fundraiser where you’ll meet many stimulating self-made people while you help your favorite cause.

No matter what is on your agenda in late March, make sure you give yourself a break from high-pressure stress. Review your long and short term goals . . . you’ll be glad you did

 CANCER – You appear to be in line for surprising news about your status in the company and will hear after the new moon of March 27. The work you will be doing is very entrepreneurial and will bring you down a new road that you’ve not been down before. In that respect, it will be quite fascinating and bring you experience you will be glad you got under your belt. July 9 – 18 birthdays still seem to be under pressure. Either a collaborator or partner is being difficult or you will need to compete for the job, amid a field of fierce candidates. Don’t underestimate them – some will do almost anything to get the plum job you are aiming to be awarded. Prepare for every interview carefully and have impressive show-and-tell evidence that shows you’re a thinker and leader.  Travel gives you a real boost right now. June 25 – July 4th birthdays are on the receiving end of this positivity!!

LEO – This is a time where assessing your philosophy of life in regards to your own personal truth comes into view. Long range plans are a part of this. Travel may be the most fun part of the month, and even though it appears to be done for business, it certainly will be refreshing. Triggered by the new moon, March 27, you will have five heavenly bodies in your ninth house of international relationships: the Sun (authority), the new moon (opportunity), Venus (fun), Uranus (spontaneity, surprise), and Mercury (news). This indicates you will have a lot of emphasis on travel or intense discussions with people abroad, very possibly who work in media.  The fires of love will be fanned by travel too in late month, so if the opportunity strikes, take it.  July 25- August 5th birthdays are looking forward to the next 2 weeks unfolding.

VIRGO – You have a crowd of planets in your eighth house that rules other people’s money, such as an infusion of venture capital, an insurance payout, divorce or other court cash settlement, a tax refund, student financial aid, inheritance, mortgage, or a bank loan. This kind of funding will allow you to find a way to get the money to fund a dream. Alternatively, you may be given the green light to move ahead on a creative project. Whatever occurs at this time will happen suddenly, without warning.  It’s more that possible that that money could be on the way to you, especially if you prepare an accurate business plan. August 25 – September 6 birthdays are in the drivers seat!

 LIBRA – In the days that follow the new moon of March 27, if you have been having problems finding accord with a partner in love or business, you might see some evidence of a softening of talks in your negotiation.  You have a strong need to interact with people.  The road might not be exactly easy, as you will still face obstacles. However, if you are about to get engaged or married, you will have an open road, and if you feel you know one another well by now, you have only happy days ahead.

Be sure to go by the book and know the rules of this relationship in love or business. In love, you’ll need to be willing to give as well as you get. Follow your heart, as it will reliably point you in the right direction.  September 25 – October 4 birthdays will find the ideal compromise!

SCORPIO – The new moon of March 27 will bring in new clients and assignments. Planets are gathering in your sixth house of work, all in Aries, suggesting you will soon have something new and quite entrepreneurial to do. Or, it may be that you will be starting your own business with a new spot in mind. Near or far it will be a fresh start.   You will have lots to do, and plenty to learn.

The Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus are all crowded in this, your workaday area of your chart, indicating a lot of energy is being focused here, and the presence of the Sun brings a direct link to your career reputation and status from the projects you are working on now. You have a sterling chance to recreate your professional life now.  October 25 – November 5 birthdays are feeling the glow as they go for the Gold!  Rose Gold!

SAGITTARIUS –Home and family are on the agenda but because this new moon on March 27 is in a fire sign, Aries, it’s like having your cousin as the CEO of Fun at your house for 2 weeks! Love is in the air for many of you and if you would like to meet a new love interest the chances are greater at work or through a relative. The person you become interested in will likely be a leader type, possibly self-employed and/or a self-starter. November 25-December 6th birthdays have a dazzling chance to feel the love all around!

CAPRICORN – Whether you are planning to move or staying put where you are you have renovation on your mind – big or small.  You have the opportunity to make a better, more comfortable, and stylish home at the new moon, March 27. Over the past several years, you have had a much greater emphasis on home and family than any other sign, and more instability than most too.   Watch the workers closely  for you need to be aware of all that is going on – leave nothing to chance.  Those dinners out during a kitchen renovation bring about a resurgence of romance! There’s always a silver lining!

AQUARIUS – This isn’t the perfect time for your real estate transactions but if you must, the next week is better than all of April to sign on the dotted line!! The New Moon of March27 is mixing up a real concoction of communications.  The phone, emails, face to face talks are a big part of the next 2 weeks for you. You will need to rest your mind and voice box after this. A sibling of yours figures into the activity too!  January 25-February 5 birthday Aquarians should schedule a mid-April long weekend right now!

PISCES – The universe will be sending mixed messages during the March 27, new moon in Aries and the ten days to follow would typically be the most important time of 2017 to see an increase in your salary or fees. This new moon will have powerful help from Pluto, and a friend may make an important introduction for you now that proves to be a lucrative contact, or help you get funding you need.

On the other hand, Saturn will be in hard angle to this new moon, March 27, indicating the work that is offered to you at this point in the month (and the year) will be prestigious but represent a need to put in a strenuous effort. In fact, the work you do now may test the very depths of your talents – an exciting prospect. Considering all you will need to do to fulfill the role, you may feel you would not be justly compensated – even if the fee were large. You might even have a delay in money coming your way, but it will come. February 25 – March 7 Pisces know the energy of this aspect the most!

Keep Reaching for the Stars!!

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