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Woman In The Moon Astrology: Full Moon a Study in Contrasts

Hello Friends – Here comes this months Full Moon on Monday, April 10 in Libra, 22 degrees and it’s certainly the centerpiece of the month.

This full moon is quite a study in contrasts. Jupiter (blessings ) is in a harmonious aspect to this full moon and Uranus (abrupt change) is in opposition to both. It’s as if the Seven Dwarfs turned mean and were out digging potholes on the streets where we all live. The planet Uranus – quick, sudden developments is in Aries and is opposite this moon in Libra. It’s good news/bad news at the same time. Everyone of every sign will feel this full moon in varying ways. Don’t put pressure on anyone at this time – the reaction could trigger a meltdown. Remember, near April 10, people will be walking on eggs and be sensitive. It can really separate the girls from the women!

ARIES – The full moon in Libra on April 10 will bring a close relationship to fullness. If you are married, or about to become engaged or married you will have special luck in your most primary relationships. You may have special luck finding a new place to live or by improving your present digs. Don’t sign paperwork at this time. Something you are not looking at could pop up and the news could be jarring. April 9 to 19 Rams will feel this over and done with event and then it’s back to business at usual.

TAURUS – Work, work, work!! You may feel that gremlins are playing tricks on you at this time. Still, at the full moon of April 10, you know the planets will be showing you a stopping and starting directive and what you have to do is stay calm and remain in control. You won’t be able to put your deals in place quite yet. Demands are being made of you for one reason or another. Keep your eye on home, work as best you can and learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. May 10 to 19 Bulls feel this the most.

GEMINI – Gemini, you enjoy mental pursuits so this Full Moon in Libra hopefully finds you not being too frazzled by the quick changes coming your way. Something to do with your loved one – your partner, spouse or child has you in a ultra focused mode. You’ll be thinking overtime and trying to figure out the changes that have to do with those you love. This one is a puzzle to figure out because it is rife with contradictions. June 10 to 20 Twins might bite a nail or two until it gets resolved.

CANCER – Your home and family come into focus at this full moon on April 10, in Libra. There could be a sudden incident that your aren’t expecting. It’s likely that it has to do with a situation at work and management issues. You have strong support from many, especially your family. You may be affected financially because of it. The curve ball affects July 11 to 29 birthdays the most.

LEO – Your 3rd House of short travel and communications is being affected by the full moon of April 10. It’s an excellent time to speak and write in any capacity that might put you in touch with those who can boost your career and open doors. Meetings and plans for the future have a way of catching fire at this time but it’s not the time to sign any agreements. Uranus will oppose the moon and this tends to bring news without warning. It’s most likely that the change you’ll experience is known to sweep away all that which is no longer relevant to your future and helps you replace what was taken with something better. August 11 to 19 Lions will experience this energy quite strongly.

VIRGO – Show me the money is your bellowing call for the next two-plus weeks with the Full Moon of April 10 in view! Your income and expenses are tumbling around & round in your mind. You might have just received a large sum of money and you’re trying to decide how best to divvy-up the pie. There is a prickly situation that crops up out of nowhere right now – it’s Uranus the planet of sudden change in opposition to this Full Moon that brings about a change in direction that could be influenced by your “partner.” You may have to lay out money for an unexpected bill that you weren’t planning for but when the dust settles you see that you landed on your feet. September 10 to 18 birthdays might be “sweating it” for an hour or a day – show’em how resilient you are!

LIBRA – Even though the Full Moon is a story of contrasts dear Libra, you fare well because Jupiter (blessings) has been in your sign for the last 8 months giving you the red carpet treatment. The next week may have it’s uncertainties but your charm and grace get you through. What a wonderful time this will be for you, for as a result of this full moon, you are likely to see the culmination of an endeavor or relationship you’ve dearly wanted to see realized for a very long time. Your true talents are learning about yourself, and seeing that the talents you possess (but that you took for granted because you assumed everyone had the same talents and qualities) are now being revealed to you as special. October 11 to 22 birthday babes are favored.

SCORPIO – The big moment of the month that will bring up all kinds of feelings will happen at the April 10 full moon in your twelfth house in Libra, 22 degrees. This glorious full moon will arrive with the good will ambassador Jupiter and will light up your house of secrets and behind-closed-door activities. You may reveal a secret you’ve been holding on to or you may hear of someone else’s secret. You will be highly intuitive during the next week plus. . . it’s almost like having night vision, so pay attention to your gut and you will be safe. November 10 to 20th Scorpios know the score!!

SAGITTARIUS – The story of this full moon of April 10, in Libra has a positive drama about it and it is affecting your friends and a social or professional club. Your favorite charity could weigh heavily into the dynamics. This new moon is affecting your 8th House of finances and other peoples money. News about a friends good fortune is likely, too. The element of surprise is alive and well especially for those of you born December 10 to 20, and it is likely something that you had never anticipated.

CAPRICORN – No one works harder than you, Capricorn, when you have found your niche and your career is looking brighter than ever. However, this full moon in Libra is lighting up your house of careers on April 10 and even though you will be hearing accolades about your ability to perform well in your position something at home is drawing your attention away from receiving all the benefits. You feel emotional and know you have to tend to this situation here and now. January 10-20th Goats have what it takes to climb the hill and enjoy the view at the top.

AQUARIUS – More travel for you Aquarius – one of your favorite things to do. The full moon in Libra 22 on April 10 is enjoyable for you and you probably fare better than anyone. The mystery surrounding this full moon is mainly due to the mixed message it will send. On one hand, you have one of the finest aspects possible and It is hard to imagine an aspect more exciting than this one. Just be sure and have your passport and paperwork up to date. February 10-20th birthdays handle emotions very well and will glide into home base unscathed!

PISCES – The full moon, April 10, in Libra will be a puzzling event. Those of you who are expecting money may have a roadbblock to remove. So many Pisces are highly creative and you may be on the receiving end of getting paid for these talents of yours. An unexpected project or an offer of some kind is likely. Money is coming in as well as going out. March 10 20 Fishes will have to rise to the occasion.

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