Malta Completes Reassessment Project

MALTA – The town Assessor’s Office recently completed the 2017 Reassessment Project that began in 2016. 

Property reassessment notices were mailed March 31. The goal of the project is to maintain fair and equitable assessments based on market conditions, according to Supervisor Vincent R. DeLucia.

The town Assessor is responsible for the determination of each parcel’s assessment and all questions concerning valuations should be directed to the Town Assessor’s Office at (518) 899-2584, or [email protected]. DeLucia asked property owners to keep in mind that state assessment regulations prohibit elected officials, such as Town Board members, from attempting to influence assessment procedures.

Informal reviews can be scheduled with the Assessor through Wednesday, April 19.  The purpose of the informal review is to present any additional information to the assessor.  That information will be considered in determining if a change is warranted.

For more information about the project, including individual property assessments, sales and informal review applications, go to

New York State Real Property Tax Law provides a formal process for an additional step in a property owner’s right to challenge following an informal hearing. That step is provided on Tuesday, May 23 (Grievance Day), when a property owner can protest their assessment before an independent grievance board comprised of residents from the town.

A grievance application must be submitted to the grievance board by close of business on that date.  Call (518) 899-2584 to schedule an appointment and complete the brief grievance application.  The Board of Assessment Review will hear your complaints, review all applications, make a determination and follow-up by providing the applicant with their decision.

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