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Woman In The Moon Astrology: New Moon Has Some Spice

Hello Friends – You are going to like this New Moon Wednesday, April 26 much more than the Full Moon of two weeks ago!

For one thing it’s not full of jolting surprises and is much more compatible with everyone on the whole. It doesn’t have the drama but it does have some spice to it as well as an anchor effect. New moons are new starts and beginnings- Yay! This one is in Taurus at 6 degrees- money, finances and security is on your mind. If you have a birth chart planet in Taurus, you are affected as well. Taurus is a fertile earth sign – it’s a perfect time to grow an idea, a garden, a business, a relationship! This new moon has a relationship in the sky right now with Saturn (the great practical planner) and so changes you put into motion now stay in place for a very long time! The window of time to do this is in the next  one to 10 days. For those of you who have your birth chart, be sure to read your Sun sign AND your ASCendant/Rising sign (bottom left side of your chart – on the key).  Enjoy!

ARIES – The New Moon of April 26 will be even more helpful to you to generating income. It is your best chance to lay the groundwork for increasing your salary/pay because it is traveling through your 2nd house of money, real estate and finances. Self employed people need to get busy on an advertising campaign that will knock “their” socks off!! Get the financial adviser lined up now – be thinking Roth IRA (my financial background is coming out)! Those Rams who are born March 22-April 1 are ripe for the picking and ready to go!

TAURUS – The month closes with a new moon in Taurus, April 26. Happy Birthday, Taurus, this is your gift from the universe! Be thinking about how you want to direct this lovely energy- it’s all about you! You get to choose, Dear Taurus, so choose wisely. What do you want to achieve between now and your next birthday? If your birthday is between April 22-May 2 you will enjoy these energy rays the most.

GEMINI – You are going to like this New Moon of April 26 in Taurus, 6 degrees. It is affecting your 12th house of quiet contemplation, behind the scenes and gentle dreaming. Pay attention to your nighttime dreams tonight, there is a message for you. Something creative is happening to you – like a breakthrough that is of genius proportions. You are overflowing with ideas that will make an impact so, write it all down and capture every bit of it! You may want to take a drive or have an overnight in a country setting so you can release those creative juices. Those of you born May 23-June 1 need to make it a priority to get quiet and peaceful!

CANCER – The coming week will be very social for you. Any event you attend will be full of inspiration, creativity and love. You may join a group or club or possibly meet a new friend. You have to try to follow up after these meaningful meetings, especially if it is likely to grow your business. Those of you who have birthdays from June 22-July 2 will make a lasting impression on the people you meet.

LEO – You will like the results you get from this New Moon of April 26 – your career has a big chance of taking on a new direction. Get ready to ramp up to a new position or to be recognized for your achievements. You may even see some money being put on the table. Take what is coming to you and make your dreams a reality! July 23-Aug. 2 Lions are basking in the sunshine of this the most.

VIRGO – Welcome to the gorgeous, earthy, New Moon that is right up your alley! Virgo is an earth sign too, so this is so compatible with you. Your travel plans have a green light, so set sail. Spiritually speaking you are finding contentment peppered with a welcome air of stability. Creative projects have that same green light. Aug. 22-Sept. 2nd born Virgos (Virgo rising) get the greatest enjoyment.

LIBRA – In the days that follow the April 26 New Moon you will most likely be seeing money that is due to you coming in the door. Any connection to creative endeavors is favored – the arts on any level. There is a long-term permanence to your thinking and financially you are experiencing a pull in the direction of planning for your future. Sept. 22-Oct. 3 Libras can enjoy this the most.

SCORPIO – The New Moon of April 26 will appear in Taurus, 6 degrees, in your house of committed partnerships- personal and business. There is an air of permanence about this sweet NM, and Scorpios who are in those relationships are experiencing a renewal and deepening commitment. You are a wonderful investigator, Scorpio, so go out and find the little gifts that are hiding in plain sight! Oct. 23-Nov. 1 born Scorpios are in the zone!

SAGITTARIUS – Your 6th House of work projects are being highlighted by this New Moon. You are in a strong work mode during this time. If you have a connection to antiques, history or items from the past, you will benefit the most. Don’t ignore your mate – Do make plans to romance with them during the merry month of May. Nov. 23-Dec. 3 birthday Sag’s are getting this vibe!

CAPRICORN Although you aren’t known as the overly social souls of the zodiac this New Moon is bringing you onto the road of sweet opportunity socially speaking. Your magnetic attractiveness is strong at this time and people want you at whatever gala event they are throwing. Go out and enjoy yourself, Cappy, you never make partying a priority but you can now. Dec. 22Jan. 3 Capricorns are feeling the pull of sparkling possibilities the most.

AQUARIUS – This New Moon of April 26 in Taurus 6 degrees is appearing in your fourth house of home. You are feeling energized to get projects done around your home. If you plan to buy or sell your house, start the wheels in motion but wait until mid-May before you sign any contracts. Mercury is retrograde for another 2 weeks and signing on the dotted line is not recommended. Enjoy this NM, especially Jan. 23-Feb. 3 born Aquarians.

PISCES – The New Moon of April 26 is traveling through your 3rd house of communications – speaking and writing. Your work is in high demand right now. I think you will find some of your best communicating is happening and yes, you should be impressed. Feb. 20- March 3 Fishes are in the zone for capitalizing on this sweet aspect!

“When we make friends with our shadow side, we discover the infinite resource of our light”
                                                              – Jane Fairchild

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