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Malta Veterans Appreciation Program Teams with Tech Company to Help Disabled Vet

MALTA – The Malta Veterans Appreciation Program recently teamed up with Saratoga Technology Accelerator to help a disabled veteran named Mary Alice rebuild her laptop so she could find a better job.

Mary Alice makes less than $9,000 per year and cannot work more than 20 hours a week because of her disability. She has a part-time job, but her hours were recently reduced.

“She is very smart. She used to work as an LPN and she also did medical billing for Travelers Insurance,” said Renee Farley, founder of the Malta Veterans Appreciation Program. “There is no reason why she could not find a decent job and increase her salary.”

Mary Alice’s laptop, which had her resume and other valuable information stored on it, had stopped working, making it impossible to retrieve the materials she needed. When Farley learned of Mary Alice’s plight, she put out an email with “call to action” in the subject line. The phrase has become the group’s signature, and it alerts recipients that the email isn’t junk and should be opened and read.

Sure enough, Farley received an email from Evan Burchhard of Saratoga Technology Accelerator, a local IT company. Burchhard offered to repair Mary Alice’s laptop free of charge.

“He totally restored the computer,” Farley said.

With her laptop working once again, Mary Alice has been sending out resumes and received calls for interviews, including one from Saratoga Technology Accelerator and another one from Guardian House in Ballston Spa.

“This is just a great story of different organizations helping each other and making a difference in the lives of our local veterans,” Farley said, adding that the “call to action” emails are a huge component of the one-year old organization’s continued success.

Farley’s goal is to collect as many email addresses as possible from across the region, connecting people who may not otherwise be aware of situations like the one Mary Alice found herself in.  By using social media, Farley and her organization have made a difference in the lives of veterans who are struggling with finances, healthy issues, poor housing conditions, and even homelessness.

On Saturday May 6, the Malta Veterans Appreciation Program is partnering with Rebuild Together to help another veteran by replacing his broken porch and adding a much-needed handicap ramp. Together, they have been able to find a contractor who can help get the job done.

Farley said she is currently looking for volunteers to help her with social media management and sending out “thank you” notes to the many contributions the organization has been receiving. For more information on volunteering, contact Farley at [email protected], or reach out to her on Facebook:

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