Camp Boyhaven

Report: Milton Moves Closer to Boyhaven Acquisition

MILTON – Camp Boyhaven is one step closer to becoming a 300-acre public park.

The town’s bid for the former scout camp was selected as the winning bid earlier this month by the Twin Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of America’s executive board, according to The Daily Gazette. The council earlier this year put out requests a request for proposals for the parcel, which is located along the Kayaderosseras Creek between Rock City Falls and Middle Grove.

“It’ll be the next stage for the property, and if everything goes good with the town, it’s going to be an extremely nice public asset and a wonderful park for the area,” Rich Stockton, the council’s scout executive and CEO, told The Gazette. “We look forward to being able to be a partner in that.”

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Ten proposals were submitted for the site and the town’s bid was one of two finalists selected by a task force Stockton created. Those bids were “very close,” but the board ultimately opted to go with the town.

Now the council will work with the town to finalize a deal for the land. Stockton told The Gazette he hopes to reach an agreement in the next 60 days, though he didn’t divulge the bid price or provide any details on why the town’s plan was chosen.

Town officials previously discussed plans  for the state Department of Environmental Conservation to cover 75 percent of the purchase cost, which was speculated to be as much as $1.5 million. The property would be expanded to the Middle Grove State Forest in Greenfield and the state would pay property taxes on the forest land if there is more than 500 combined acres between the adjacent properties.

There are still more steps the town must go through, including negotiating with the Twin Rivers Councils and public hearings and additional work with the state.

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