Camp Boyhaven

Milton Bid $1M for Boyhaven Site

MILTON – The town bid $1 million to purchase the former Camp Boyhaven site, with half that money coming from an anonymous donor.

Town Supervisor Dan Lewza told The Daily Gazette that he town’s bid for the 300-acre site wouldn’t have been competitive without the donation, which was given by someone who wanted to help keep the land undeveloped. Lewza disclosed the bid amount a week after the town was selected by the Twin Rivers Coiuncil of the Boy Scouts of America. The $500,000 donation will go directly to the Boy Scouts of America.

“I think it’s a pretty amazing thing that this gentleman would look to get involved to make sure that Boyhaven remains open land, that people are able to enjoy it, and for what the property has always been used for,” Lewza told the Gazette, “and I certainly appreciate his generosity in allowing that to happen. I think that’s going to go a long way to helping us secure the property.”

The town is seeking open space grant funding to offset its $500,000 investment. Half of that is being saught in state funds, with another $50,000 being requested from the county, Lewza told the Gazette.

The town plans to turn the land into a public park with camping, fishing, horseback riding and other activities, though it has to go through a public process first.

The Boy Scouts have used the site since the 1920’s, but the Twin Rivers Council said last May that it would close the camp.

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