Candidate for Town of Milton Supervisor Offers $500 reward

Milton Town Supervisor Candidate Scott Ostrander: “Steal My Opponent’s Campaign Signs and You’ll Go to Jail!”

Scott Ostrander, a retired Ballston Spa Police Officer and endorsed Republican, Conservative, and Independence candidate for Town of Milton Supervisor has posted a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) stealing opponent Barbara Kerr’s, or his, campaign signs.

At a press conference held at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 9, Ostrander said “No matter one’s political views, we should all agree that stealing campaign lawn signs is truly un-American. It’s immature, a violation of someone’s First Amendment right of free speech, and it’s against the law. ¬†These campaign signs are expensive and paid for by grassroots suppoorters and residents who believe in what our candidates stand for”, said Ostrander.

Candidate for Town of Milton Supervisor Scott Ostrander

Candidate for Town of Milton Supervisor Scott Ostrander addresses reporters at a press conference Wednesday, Aug. 9 with Town Council candidates John Frolish and Frank Blaisdell. /Ballston Journal

Kerr, a long-time Milton councilwoman and 30-year resident was quoted in The Daily Gazette stating Ostrander was “grandstanding” and that she was not invited to participate in the press conference.

Pat Southworth, a Kerr supporter and local political activist has accused Ostrander of ethics violations based on the location of the press conference, held at the far end of the Town of Milton property in the vicinity of the CDTA bus stop.  Ostrander says the accusation is baseless since the event was held in a public access space and not in the actual Town Hall building.

Ostrander concluded with “campaigns should be waged based on one’s ideas, vision for the future, and record of leadership. I respect my opponent’s constitutional rights just as I’m sure she respects mine. We’re sending a message today that Milton has zero tolerance for these types of dirty tricks and illegal behavior.”

The Republican Primary is Tuesday, Sept. 12.


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