RESULTS: Milton Republican Primary Survey Question: Ethics and Qualifications

Milton Primary Ethics Survey question

Barbara Kerr said: (Editor’s Note: one of the choices listed was not selected by the candidate) The Town of Milton sets a very high standard with our Ethics Laws. They have been held up as an example to other municipalities. Everyone whether elected or employed by the Town has an obligation to strive to do their best to up hold the laws.  I matter what the circumstances I will continue to uphold Miltons Ethics Laws and support the decisions of our Ethics Board.

Scott Ostrander said:  The Town Supervisor should be both highly ethical and highly skilled to run the business of the Town. I have been a Police Officer for almost 30 years, never has my integrity been questioned. The position of Town Supervisor requires leadership and to me leaders lead from the front. I will be setting the standard for behavior around the Town Hall and I simply will not tolerate work place bullying, harassment or discrimination of any sorts.

In regards to being skilled in business, I believe attention to detail is incredibly important for the role of Supervisor, that means over seeing the budget processes, reviewing bids and negotiating contracts. Keeping a keen eye to the numbers and ensuring there are no mistakes is vital. As Supervisor I will treat your tax dollars with the respect they deserve.

I have run my own small business and have been the PBA President. I am familiar with budgets and operating day to day business. I know I have the skill set to succeed as Town Supervisor.

Election day is Tuesday, Sept. 12 and your chance to vote towards new leadership in the Town of Milton between the endorsed candidate Scott Ostrander and long serving town councilwoman Barbara Kerr.


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