Milton Candidate Ostrander says attack on his business simply inaccurate

In a news item published in the Albany Times Union on Thursday, Sept. 7, Candidate Scott Ostrander is “again playing defense” against allegations by the Barbara Kerr campaign, frequent subject matter by reporter Wendy Liberatore.

The article states “Scott Ostrander who is co-owner of Saratoga International Group, a security LLC that has provided “protection services” since April 2011, does not hold the required licenses from the Department of State,” a fact Ostrander said he told Liberatore was not accurate.  His business is a consulting service, that contracts 1099 contractors to provide the direct protection services.

Ostrander said he is “disappointed” in the ongoing distractions by Kerr, a six year member of the Town Board. He also said “makes you wonder what really being hidden and why this is something she will talk about, but won’t answer simple questions about the errors in the budget”.

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