RESULTS: Milton Republican Primary Question: 91 Hutchins Road Development

Milton Primary 91 Hutchins

Barbara Kerr said: Editor’s note, Kerr did not respond to the survey question and did not respond to email request for response.

Scott Ostrander said:  The developer has asked for an extension to revise the project. It would be unfair to the developer to publicly say no and could even open the Town up to litigation. That last thing the Town needs is to pay another lawyer. I have walked Hutchins Road and met with residents and have had private discussions with them. I have also been to the Town Meetings and heard their voices there.

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  1. September 11, 2017 @ 12:35 pm Kathryn Ho

    By publicly saying she will vote No, candidate Barbara Kerr is condemning a development that will add tax revenue before it is even explained. The developer has agreed to submit a new proposal and until that is examined, it is premature to say No even if it seems politically popular. The owner has a right to develop his property so let’s listen to his new ideas with an open mind. Scott Ostrander has expressed openness to review this without making the easy choice to say no just for votes. He will be the kind of leader who can analyze both sides and make an informed decision in the best interest of the Town and its residents.


  2. September 11, 2017 @ 9:48 pm Michael-J

    Kathryn (and others), the owners of the property at 91 Hutchins are not developing the property – they are selling it to a developer – who is in turn asking the town to create a PDD (Planned Development District). The PDD will take the currently zoned property (R1-1 house per acre) which will accommodate approximately 10 homes, and rezone it to an 83 unit apartment complex.

    No one has said that the property should not be developed, only that it should be developed according to the currently zoned guidelines – the same guidelines that many of us in the neighborhood have lived with, and abided by for many years. Many of the residents in the neighborhood have expressed sincere concern for a variety of reasons in objecting to this severe increase in density including increased traffic flow, disruptions to the current setting of the neighborhood, etc.

    If the PDD is not approved, the developer will walk away with minimal losses out of pocket. The land will still remain in the current owners hands, but you can bet that it will not remain long on the market.

    Over two hundred of us in the immediate neighborhood have signed petitions to stop this development. It is unnecessary, contrary to the current zoning, out of line with the comprehensive plan of the town, and is ultimately out of line with the desires of the town. In rezoning a region of the town, the town’s code states that the Town Board shall act in the best interest of the town population as to health, welfare, and safety – in general, but will act in the best interest of the population of the immediate area specifically. Over two hundred people have signed petitions which clearly state their desire to stop this re-zoning effort and stop the unnecessary development of a high density apartment complex in the middle of our neighborhood. Our wishes and desires need to listened to and addressed by those we elected.


    • September 12, 2017 @ 10:05 am Bradlee

      I dont get it, would you rather have 50 feet of woods and then a quiet senior community, or ALL the woods GONE and have a bunch of new loud “anything goes” neighbors RIGHT UP against your property line? I’d take the woods!!!!


  3. September 12, 2017 @ 5:03 pm Lou Cook

    I can think of about thirty reasons why this PDD should be rejected. 1.) The most obvious being that the entire area has been (except this property) developed in compliance with the required single family zoning. Approval of this PDD would be in complete contradiction to the residential complexion of complete surrounding area. 2.) Margaret Drive was not designed for the amount of traffic that would be generated requiring the street to be reconstructed in a short period of time. 3.) The ingress and egress form Hutchins Road and Margaret Drive onto Rowland Street is nearly impossible at the current traffic level. Adding to the traffic would require “Red Lights” and subsequent maintenance at the Rowland Street intersection with Hutchins Road and Margaret Drive. 4.) The developer has proposed one (1) garage for each “senior” apartment – please note that about half of the homes on Margaret drive are owned by “retirees” – I would challenge the developer to find a retirees driveway in this development with only one (1) vehicle. 5.) The proposed “rent” on these units is $1800.00 per month. It would not appear that these units would be “rented” by anyone I know locally; 6.) The “residents” of this PDD as evidenced by this developers on Greenfield Avenue would not contribute in any way to the features of the Town of Milton (Fire Dept, Veterans organizations, Senior Citizens center, Elks, Eagles, etc.). I could continue but it probably would not influence the elected officials who are predetermined to approve this project.


    • September 20, 2017 @ 10:02 am Bradlee

      I am in favor of 91 Hutchins Road. As part of the improvements the developer has agreed to increase the water supply so that the entire area of homes on old/polluted/sulfurous water with a huge iron content can hook up to public water. Sure, about 20 or so homes will have a few more cars per hour driving by, but that is about the only confirmed negative about the project. The pros outweigh the cons. Thank you


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