Letter to the Editor: Where Does Milton Really Stand?

We have heard of discrepancies in previous Milton budgets for the past few months. The auditors have been working to determine whether or not there are deficits, and if so how much. Where does the town really stand fiscally?

At the meeting Wednesday evening the budget committee presented its preliminary budget to the board. They have included using $700,000 of reserve funds to balance their budget. It’s a miracle budget folks. How can you even prepare a budget to present the board when you have no idea where the town stands monetarily? The budget committee of Dan Lewza, Doc Blaisdell, and Jason Miller must be fortune tellers.

One added note: the tax levy last year was about $400,000 and this year they propose over a million dollars. This is what we’ve been dealing with the past few years. The taxpayers deserve better!

By the way whenever things like this happen, they conveniently blame Barbara Kerr, the only board member to ask questions. They really don’t like her rocking the boat, like she did when the town board voted  to bail out the present Supervisor to the tune of over $100,000. Now it looks like more of the same with another hand picked politician Scott Ostrander.

The town board really doesn’t understand that it’s taxpayer money, not theirs.

James Capasso
Ballston Spa


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