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Woman in the Moon Astrology: Harvest Moon in Aries

The FULL MOON is Thursday, October 5th and Friday, October 6th and it will illuminate in the sign ARIES.

A dramatic stage is set with the Full Moon in ARIES. ARIES is a fire sign known for it’s courage and bold moves. The theme of the underdog fighting his/her way to a place where they justly deserve is likely to be played out. A Full Moon is when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon and some months we have easy going aspects to other planets but this month it’s a mixed bag. A Full Moon will bring out issues that need to be dealt with. So, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself the question – “what am I avoiding that needs to be addressed?” Expect to feel a fiery, strong emotional response to anyone trying to engage in a power struggle with you. You may even feel sentimental and possibly take a walk down memory lane with a loved ones.

Every Full Moon is purposeful – it acts as a clearinghouse. And where there is life there is hope!!

Remember to read for your Sun sign and Rising sign too!

ARIES This is Your Full Moon, dear Aries – use it to your advantage. This full moon in Aries will bring something of enormous importance to fruition at this time. There is probably a feeling of being pressured by someone important in your life. I know that your 1st response is usually to fight back but let’s just say that diplomacy can work in your favor. Think of it as – “walk softly but carry a big stick” Teddy Roosevelt style. Those of you who are born from March 26 – April 7th might want to wear your armor under your clothes for the next week just in case you have to spring into action!!

TAURUS This Full Moon in Aries on October 5-6th is traveling through your 12th House of Life – secrets and things behind the scenes. This full moon is in hard angle to Pluto so you could have concerns about money and even identity theft. During the next week you will hear about those things that were kept hidden from you and others. Those Bulls born April 25- May 7th may be asked or get news of another person who needs your help and support – something you really excel at!

GEMINI This Full Moon is lighting up your 11th House of friends and social events. Even party-going you may step back from attending a fun event and think twice about the cost – moneywise or the emotional cost to you because there was a power struggle only looking to be played out. Let’s just say that you will like the middle of the month planetary aspects much better. May 27-June 5th birthdays especially need to pay close attention to the social dynamics bound to pop up!

CANCER The full moon in Aries is highlighting your 10th House of Careers. It’s all about endings and beginnings during a Full Moon. You will have to deal with what is coming to fruition right now – digest it, accept it and move on! If a power struggle is part of this energy then you’ll have a decision about whether to stand up for yourself or ignore the person who wants to stir the pot! You’ll like what’s on the horizon for you dear Cancer as we get to the middle of the month. June 26-July 5th birthdays should gear up for what’s coming next!

LEO The Full Moon in Aries is lighting up your 9th House of spiritual growth, other cultures and long distance travel. This will help you finalize your plans for exploration of every kind. Something happens right now that helps you identify strongly with your belief system and focus on the positives in what is happening in your world. July 25-August 6th Lions get the closest to taking the time to roam and explore during the next week.

VIRGO This Full Moon in Aries finds you focusing on more serious emotional matters. Take the opportunity to tend to something that you hold deep inside and bring it to the surface to be dealt with- you’ll feel better. Money may exchange hands at this time giving you a pay day of sorts. August 25- Sept. 5th Virgos can relate to this theme. Also planets Venus and Mars are together in Virgo right now. Venus equals love and Mars is action – truly a dynamic duo. The next time they will join simultaneously again in the heavens is in 2047!!! ble dip of pleasure from this highly romantic vibration.

LIBRA This Oct. 5th Full Moon ​has you feeling very strong willed. You are fully focused on other people that you are in a business or emotional partnership. Work to settle issues in a special relationship or make the final decision to walk away. Sept. 25th-Oct. 6th birthday Libras are feeling this extra energy very strongly!

SCORPIO 5 more days to go, Scorpio and Jupiter (blessings) will be entering your sign for 13 months – Good for YOU!! It seems like forever since you’ve had the kind of break that only Jupiter can bring- like 12 years ago!! So, start your list of things you want to accomplish or be gifted from the divine universe much like a kid makes out their Christmas list! The Full Moon on October 5/6th has you in work mode and focused on how to get ahead of the curve. Those of you with birthdays from Oct 26-November 5th are finishing projects at a record pace. Wait until mid-month to sign any paperwork- it’s a friendlier cosmos!

SAGITTARIUS​ ​The full moon, in Aries, in your ​5th​ house of true love. ​ There is a money issue mixed in the dynamics of this love relationship. Although your loved one is trying to dominate and sway your decision making at this time. Just be ready to deal with this head on – preferably though not by fighting fire with fire! November 25-Dec. 5th birthdays are surely having to grapple with this issue.​T

CAPRICORN ​You’ve got your frustrations with this Full Moon in Aries coming on. Home and family matters are front and center and you are having to deal. Although not everyone is in agreement with you, stand your ground. You may feel like your position in the family is being tested. There is no perfect solution so just do your best. Dec. 25-Jan 5th birthdays will be glad that they stuck to their guns!!​

AQUARIUS The full moon will be in Aries and it’s traveling through your 3rd House of communications and short trips. Technology issues may seem a little gummed up right now and you may have to hop in your car and make a sales call to smooth out the rough edges on this. Those of you with birthdays between January 25-February 5th are between a rock and a hard place for a few days.​

PISCES ​2nd​ house of ​money and​ income.​ It’s a bad news/good news couple of days as this plays itself out. Any talks over money could get heated so be ready with bringing in some mediator person who can appeal to the boss. February 25-March 5th birthdays will appreciate how the “outsider” who comes in really finds and harmonious place at the negotiations table.

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