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Woman in the Moon Astrology: New Moon, New Beginnings

New Moons are all about new beginnings for everyone. It is the best place to put forth our intentions and await the blessings that follow. This new moon, at first glance, looks good – the new moon and Sun will be aligned with Jupiter, one of the best aspects possible.

However, Uranus (planet of quick, sudden change) is in opposition to this New Moon and it is stirring up some “oppositional surprise soup” for all of us! It’s just a matter of where (what life house) this New Moon lands in your birth chart.

If there are some of you who don’t like change, be sure and adjust your attitude accordingly. October 25th & 26th are 2 days this month where growth & prosperity reign supreme and any disturbance from the new moon and Uranus begins to even out.

For those of you who have your birth chart, be sure to read your Sun sign AND your ASCendant/Rising sign (bottom left side of your chart – on the key).

Love To All,

ARIES Emotional confrontations: During this time you turn your attention to your most personal relationships, in which you express yourself in a much more emotional manner than usual. This influence will affect a marriage, relationships with opponents, or any other inherently emotional confrontation. Loved ones and partners are much more important to you than usual, for they provide you with a feeling of security and support. And to be fair, you have the same interest in providing these elements for your loved ones. But if you are in a negative emotional state now, this influence will tend to make you act unconsciously or automatically. Confrontations with women, both positive and negative, are likely to be more intense than those with men. April 12-20th Rams will be most surprised by what goes on!

TAURUS On the time clock: This is a time when you are inclined to put emotional considerations second to the immediate necessities, as you see them, in your life. Work cuts into a bigger chunk of your time right now and you may feel like home life is running close to last in the time and effort you are able to give it. Health concerns seem to pop up out of nowhere and cause you to place your attention on this ailment. May 15- 21st birthday Bulls are feeling like they are in a game of tug-of war!

GEMINI Be yourself: In your relations with others, you will project much more emotionally than usual, and if some people do not like this side of you it may be necessary to reconsider your friendship with them. In love relationships, you will experience greater emotional depth than usual, and consequently your experience will be much more intense. The only danger to watch out for here is that you may be too possessive of the other person. Also you may be so wrapped up in your own feelings that you are unaware of the other’s feelings. If anyone can roll with the changes it’s you Dear Gemini, when a relationship surprise comes along in the next 2 weeks, I hope you can say “OK, I am open to this!” If your birthday falls between June 15- 22nd you have exciting starts and stops to look forward to. The same is true if you have Gemini rising.

CANCER Home Sweet Home with a twist: Home and family has a few unexpected challenges for you right now. There may be an expense that appears overnight that you hadn’t counted on. It’s an annoyance, Dear Cancer but with your tenacity to tackle problems – you’ve got this! July 13 – 22nd birthdays will gain ground on any homefront related surprises by keeping an open mind.

LEO Short Distance Travel: The New Moon in the 3rd house may find you energized and on the move. Lots of leg work – in and out of your car and many doorways. This week it is not a good time to put contracts in writing though it is a good time to be very flexible with you travel plans. You may find a certain sibling of yours being like a fly in the ointment. August 14- 22 birthday Lions are having the hardest time being understood by others!

VIRGO This New Moon is traveling through your 2nd House and it’s a time when you emotionally identify with your possessions or whatever you value. This can lead to a very strong attachment to material objects and a general attitude of possessiveness about them. This influence is considered to be a bad time to spend money, because your attitudes toward possessions are so conditioned by unconscious drives that you are not likely to make an intelligent decision about buying something based upon your real needs. It’s not a time to ask for a raise or for financial favors. Exercise patience and just work through this. September 15-21st Virgos might be surprised by the outcome!

LIBRA Your emotional sensors – New Moon in 1st House: This is a time when personal and subjective considerations will override everything else, but it need not be difficult. First of all, you feel a great need to belong and to relate to your friends or loved ones. This need turns on your emotional sensors and makes you very sensitive to the feelings and moods of the people around you, because you want to fall in with their rhythms and become sympathetic with them. You are emotionally right there whenever someone needs your sympathy, warmth and understanding. You may find that money comes to you in an unusual way – go with it if it seem reasonable. Objectivity, especially in dealing with others, may be difficult to come by now.​

SCORPIO Although you may be most comfortable right now plugging away behind the scenes and not being as socially active you still have to be ready for any “curve balls” that pop out of nowhere – bringing you an annoying situation to deal with. You are getting so many invitations and “visitors” at your door that you find it hard to get that needed alone time. Bend and flex, Dear Scorpio, and practice your Yoga breathing at this time. November 13-22nd birthdays are especially resourceful in getting out of a jam at this time! Remember, the most glorious celestial aspect OF THE YEAR is happening on October 25-27th in YOUR sign and it is bringing good fortune – so look forward and start scheduling those doors to open on those dates with the people,places and thing of your choosing! Yay!!

SAGITTARIUS Emotional support: Your friends mean the world to you and ever more so at this New Moon. A situation from out of the blue comes up and you and your group have to join together to tackle it. It’s a bonding time where you need one another, as going it alone just doesn’t cut it. If you are experiencing more emotion than usual, lean into the situation and give thanks for those wonderful people in your life who truly care. December 14-20th born Sagittarians experience the positivity of it all!

CAPRICORN Emotional display: Your most intimate and personal life is on public display more than usual now, and you may find it difficult to hide certain facts about yourself. Obviously you are best off if you have nothing to hide. You might find yourself in a public argument with a loved one or a business associate – I know, it’s not your M.O. – at all. January 13-21st birthdays can expect a surprise where this theme is concerned.

AQUARIUS Just bored: At this time you may feel a strong urge to get away from the daily routine and go off somewhere, and you may not be entirely conscious of the reasons behind this drive. It is a mood, a restlessness that is hard to pin down. But there is more than one way to get away; for example it can be done in your mind as well. Travel may be beneficial as long as the break from your routine isn’t too radical. Reading, study or mental journeys may be more useful, because you can remain in familiar surroundings supported by the comforts of your world. February 14-20th birthdays can relate to this well.

PISCES Emotional encounters: During this time your emotional experiences are much more intense than usual, which is reflected in the kinds of people and situations that you are drawn to. For example, you may draw in unusually intense or powerful people who have a strong effect upon you. There could be a surprise in connection with money coming from an outside source. News of this kind could come in the blink of an eye! March 13-20th Pisces will be on the receiving end!

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