Letter to the Editor: Diverse Democratic Candidates Impress at League of Women Voters Forum

With election day just several weeks ahead, I attended the League of Women Voters forum to meet the candidates last week.  I live in the town of Milton and for the first time in many years we not only have a choice of candidates on the ballot, but we have a choice of people running under more than one major party.

I was impressed with Meg Stevens and Sergai Coffey, who are the candidates running for a seat on the Milton Town Council on the Democratic Party line. They’re both individuals who display great integrity and strong ethical behavior. They bring a lot of experience and some fresh, new ideas to the table that will aid our town. They intend on helping to save the town money by making the physical plant more energy efficient and by honoring FOIL. 

Juda [said he] brings with him experience as an Assistant District Attorney and a practicing litigator.  These skills are ones that would bring knowledge to the seat he is running for and, for this reason, the Democratic Party has endorsed him. 

I’m excited with the broader choices. It’s wonderful to have Democrats stepping up to fill positions in our town, giving us unique choices in the town of Milton for fresh and new representation.

Gail Capobianco


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