Letter To The Editor: Considering All Candidates

As a 30-year resident of the Town of Milton, I have seen many positive changes in our town.  More recently there seems to be an atmosphere of distrust and cynicism between elected officials and residents of the town. 

Intra-party dissension has clearly become visible and has affected peoples’ attitudes and actions.  While I do not think a party label in and of itself makes a candidate qualified or unqualified for a position, I do think it is time to consider the qualities and experience of all candidates running for offices with the town.

I am supporting Meg Stevens for Town Board; Stevens has volunteered tirelessly for many civic and not-for-profit organizations over the years and is a strong advocate for the Town’s Code of Ethics.  I also support Sergia Coffey for Town Board; Coffey is a professor of economics and is particularly interested in examining and improving the Town’s financial picture.  Finally, I support Mark Juda for Town Justice; Juda is a former district attorney and is a practicing litigation attorney and as such has both the knowledge and experience to serve our Town well.

I ask that you consider these candidates when you vote on Nov. 7 for positions in the Town of Milton.  Thank you.

Martha Iacolucci
Ballston Spa


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