Letter To The Editor: Don’t Vote For The ‘Good Old Boys’

At recent Town of Milton Board meetings, we learned how the town came up over a million dollars short on the budget and now must double the tax rate and take out $700,000 in reserves to fix the ‘mistake’. 

Also disturbing is the lack of respect and civility the Board members show each other and the public. The town of Milton has been run for years by one political party that has continued bad financial and accounting practices, administration after administration. Even when a fellow Republican like Barbara Kerr asks questions, she is disrespected and interrupted by the Supervisor. It’s well past the time for new faces on the Town Board.

Long time, community engaged citizens, Meg Stevens and Sergia Coffey, will bring new voices and ideas unrestricted by politics. They are committed to being open and responsive to residents by recording town meetings, posting complete minutes, hosting public Q&A sessions, and creating greater transparency. Stevens and Coffey have the expertise and experience to review expenses and budgets and make meaningful suggestions. They are truly interested in serving Milton and will bring ethical behavior and civility back to the Board.

Sander Bonvell
Ballston Spa


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