Letter to the Editor: Kerr should practice what she preaches

This week at the Town of Milton Board meeting Councilwoman Kerr showed her true colors. She has been stating that she is “for an open government “ and “wants communication between the board members and the employees”. Yet last evening she asked the supervisor a question that she already knew the answer to and didn’t provide him or the board with the new information she held. She sat through two budget workshops without offering any item, except the $3,500 for budget officer, for cuts. Yet she sits at the meeting last night and informs the board and the public that she has cuts to make but won’t disclose until the public hearing. What about this is “Open Government and Communication”?

This was after she winked at the people sitting in the back row of the meeting room.

The question Ms. Kerr asked was about the Assessed values stated on the tentative budget. Monday, October 30 a taxpayer stopped at the Assessor’s office to discuss where this figure came from. After speaking with the Director of Real Property at Saratoga County, it was discovered that the number was incorrect. The number was from September and the county now has a more finalized amount. The taxpayer who came to visit is a known associate of Ms. Kerr and a known supporter of her. There is no doubt in my mind that this information was given to Ms. Kerr as soon as possible.

If she knows there is a mistake, why didn’t she say so as a public servant?

This is a pattern with Ms. Kerr. Most people don’t see it because they don’t see the inner workings at the town. During the budget workshops Ms. Kerr asked questions of Mr. Miller about the budget. She was on the Budget committee for the 2017 budget process and this is not her 1st budget. So when Mr. Miller gets frustrated with her because she is asking the same questions and has already been given the answers, Ms. Kerr can continue to say “see how I am treated just for asking questions?”.

Open communication and open government. Practice what you preach.

Brenda Howe
Town of Milton Employee


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