Letter To The Editor: Return Milton to The People

Barbara Kerr will be running for Supervisor on the Reform Party Line in the Town of Milton election. She has been a wonderful advocate of the people and refuses to have any part of backroom decisions. It’s time for a change folks.  

The Town of Malta has had no General town tax for 37 years and no highway tax in 17 years. The Town of Charlton has had no General town tax for 34 years. They have taken the sales tax and used it well. Meanwhile the Town of Milton has taken the sales tax and used it for a windfall. Now the town Republican politicians want to raise the tax cap and double your general town tax. This will mean over $900,000 in revenue this year. Imagine what you’ve paid in the past 30 years. Enough is enough.

I’ve been a Republican all my life. I’ve always felt on a local level that we’re not Republicans or Democrats, but friends and neighbors. I ask that you vote for fiscally responsible friends in this election.  Barbara Kerr is one of the most honest, caring persons I’ve ever known. She will make a great Supervisor, serving you with pride and integrity. I have found Meg Stevens and Sergia Coffey to be very refreshing, with new ideas, and a great working knowledge of the town. They will be on the Democratic and Working Family line for town council. Tim Brown Republican has represented us well as Deputy Sheriff and as Town Justice and he will continue to do so.

Kerr, Stevens, Coffey and Brown are all good people and neighbors. I support and trust them and I hope you will also. I love Milton and it’s my family’s home for years to come. Now is the time to return Milton to the people.

James Capasso
Ballston Spa


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