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Publisher’s Pen: Election Results and Next Steps

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Statement from Tim Szczepaniak, Supervisor for Town of Ballston: “I want to thank everyone who voted for me yesterday!!! You believe in me, and I will not let you down!!! We have a great GOP team in Ballston working hard for town residents. I want to personally thank my Campaign Team Amy Knussman, Kat Nielson, and Sarah Wood! All 3 of you have loads of energy and are dedicated team leaders!!! I also would like to thank the Ballston GOP committee, Conservative party, and Independence Party for endorsing me in June. Thanks to my family for all of their endless support. Now it’s time to continue to make great things happen in our great community of Ballston!!!”

Lauren Szczepaniak

Lauren Szczepaniak turned 18 in August and casted her very first vote on election day, Nov. 7, 2017 in the Town of Ballston. Photo submitted.

Statement from Malta Democrats:  “Malta Democrats were very pleased with Cynthia’s victory yesterday. We were especially pleased that she was the top vote-getter among the four candidates for the two Town Board seats. I think her win reflects the fact that she is well-known and respected in the community and brings a lot of energy, ingenuity and persistence to town government. After losing the previous supervisor’s race by an exasperating one vote (after a recount and court decision), Cynthia bounced back and, in addition to running for Town Board this year, was an invaluable resource and advisor to the town Democratic Committee, for all candidates and volunteers.

Of course, we were disappointed that our other candidates were not successful, but all of them were excellent candidates who worked very hard. It seemed like they were out knocking on doors just about every day since late summer. They brought good ideas to the table and really opened my eyes. I hope they stay active in the local political process and continue to contribute to the community and to discussions about development, traffic, infrastructure, affordable housing and other issues. Also, we were helped by an excellent group of talented volunteers on our town Democratic Committee.
Cynthia will bring an important new voice to what had been, for decades, a single-party system. Given the chance, I think she will work well with the Republicans on the Board, and i hope they listen to her ideas for a better Malta. She will also bring a constructive, independent voice to the county Board of Supervisors.”
Statement from John Hartzell, Malta Town Councilman: “I am extremely grateful for the many, many people in Malta who took the time to talk with me, and to tell me about their concerns for the community’s future.  I am also humbled by the support I received.  The future of our Town is bright, and I am proud to be able to continue to represent the community as a member of the Town Board.”
Statement from Cynthia Young, newly elected Malta Town Councilwoman: “Our success yesterday was a win for the democratic process in Malta. All of the candidates focused on issues and vision for the future.  We gave voters a choice. I think we can all be proud of the campaign. I hope to continue to be a positive voice for the residents of Malta.”
Statement from Scott Ostrander, newly elected Town of Milton Supervisor: “I want to thank everyone for voting, the support was overwhelming! This campaign has been a team effort from day 1 and will continue to be a team effort moving forward. It’s time to get to work! Thank you, I won’t let you down!
Statement from Barbara Kerr, Milton Town Councilwoman: Request for after-election comment has not been responded to by Kerr.

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