Virtual Reality Ballston Spa High School GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Virtual Reality Is Harnessed By Ballston Spa High Schoolers

GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) Senior Vice President and Fab 8 General Manager, Tom Caulfield, held a presentation for students and staff at the grand opening of the ‘Scotties Virtual Learning Center’.

The virtual learning center is located in a classroom at the Ballston Spa High School. Students from a variety of classes demonstrated the virtual reality system, donated by GF, and discussed the impact it has already had on their learning experience.

“Virtual Reality is gaining traction in all sectors of business and industry,” indicated Laurel Logan-King, Ballston Spa’s Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment and Pupil Services. “Further, providing students with the opportunity to understand its potential will help them develop skills as they enter higher education and the workforce.”

Teachers report that students are already engaged in this new form of instruction and are loving the experience.

High School instructor Marc Trzaskos reports that one of his students spent time in the 3-D painting program and loved it.

“She [the student] said that it allowed her to imagine possibilities she never imagined before. That’s what good VR does, it expands what it is possible to think.  Not only does it deliver content in a more engaging and memorable way, it pushes the boundaries of thought.”

Trzaskos added, “This is only the beginning of virtual and augmented reality in schools.  I’d expect that when these technologies reach scale every kid will have their own pair of glasses or goggles.  They will be another tool, perhaps our best tool, for engaging young people.”

Virtual Reality Ballston Spa High School GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Photo by BSCSD.

Over the summer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES donated approximately $3000 worth of virtual reality equipment to the high school,  getting technologies to the students, with hope of innovation down the road.

One headset donated, “expensive” according to a press release from the school district,  has the power to exploit the innards of a cell.

“It’s important putting [these technologies] in the hands of the next generation; people my age are limited in what they think can get done,” Tom Caulfield, GlobalFoundries vice president, told The Daily Gazette.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company with locations world-wide. The facility in Malta is located on Stonebreak Rd. Extension.


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