Ballston Spa Woman Named Top Enlisted Advisor

Command Chief Master Sgt. Amy Giaquinto, has become the first woman and first Air National Guard member to serve as top enlisted advisor to the Adjutant General of New York, The Daily Gazette reported. 

“It’s exciting,” she said. “I hope it shows everybody — women and men — that if this is something you strive for, it’s attainable,” Giaquinto told The Daily Gazette.

Giaquinto is a native of Ballston Spa and attended Shaker High School. Following high school in 1984, Giaquinto enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany where she spent three years at the Army headquarters as an administrative specialist.

Giaquinto joined the Air National Guard as part of the 109th Airlift Wing as an information manager. The base is located in Scotia, NY  after a friend told her about in 1997.

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About 10 years thereafter, she was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009.

“When I found out our home unit would be going, I asked if I could get a slot to go, because I did pretty well in my career, but I didn’t get to go over and serve like all our folks do,” she said. “I felt like I didn’t do enough yet,” she told The Daily Gazette.

As top listed advisor, Giaquinto’s duty is to visit over 10,000 Army National Guardsmen and Airmen Of the New York Air National Guard. She ensures the soldiers are being taken car of and are heard.

“There are plenty of chiefs and sergeant majors that are in place to make sure they’re getting ready for their deployments and receiving the necessary training,” she said. “I go out and make sure everyone understands that we’re not forgetting about the people side,” Giaquinto told The Daily Gazette.

Giaquinto added, “We ask a lot of our military members, and we have to make sure they’re doing OK.”

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