Letter to the Editor: Good legal advice in Ballston?

Emboldened by their recent losses in court the Ballston Town Board is riding their streak of luck right to the end of the year.

First they decided to pay the legal fees of Councilman Bill Goslin. Just wait until they learn that Bill was not acting in his role as town employee but in fact lying while running for office. While it was a nice gesture to help Bill, as with much of what happens, it is not legal.

But wait! There’s more! as they say in those annoying TV ads. This year residents voted to accept a sewer plan for the Ballston Lake watershed area. They voted to require residents within 200 feet of the sewer line to sign up. So first Stevens School backed out, leaving the plan in peril.

So what did our law-abiding Town Board do? (Note that Supervisor Szczepaniak assured me in public that the two lawyers sitting on the dais would make sure that they act legally) They secretly raised the distance to 300 feet without a referendum.

Nothing like good legal advice, huh?​

One can only imagine what other hijinks go on in “Executive Session”. Keep your eye on the courts. It’s the only way the residents find out too.

Polly Windels


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