Penny Harvest Ballston Spa Central School District

Ballston Spa Students Complete SEFCU Penny Harvest

The fall penny harvest has been completed by Ballston Spa Central School District students. A total of $9,400 was collected in the fall and will be distributed to local charities in the spring.

The grand total reaches over $89,747 raised by students and given back to programs in the community during the past eleven years.

Over 65 students were chosen as Penny Harvest leaders in their respective schools with the responsibility of researching community issues and non-profit organizations who may benefit from a donation. Members of the student roundtable in each school will then interview representatives from organizations and discuss how the funds could be used to support their cause and mission.

The SEFCU Penny Harvest is implemented in grades K-12, in all six school buildings in the district, and has proven to be successful in teaching students about service and financial literacy. The program teaches students about the importance of philanthropy as well as math, communication and team building skills.

Last year, Ballston Spa students donated $7,200 in funds to eight local non-profit organizations. A Penny Harvest Celebration took place in May, 2017 and is an annual event.

The program, sponsored by SEFCU, is implemented in the fall of each school year and the funding presented to local charities every May.  SEFCU is responsible for processing all of the pennies.


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