Malta Officials Replace the Newest Planning Coordinator

MALTA – In a news report found in Saratoga Today,  the Malta Town Board is expected to officially vote on the selection of Jamie O’Neill for the position of Building and Planning Coordinator on Monday, Feb. 5.

The town announced a hire last November to replace long-time public servant Anthony Tozzi, details were not available about the departure of that hire.

The story said “for several months, O’Neill has served in the town’s Planning Department, most recently as a senior planner. Her appointment followed the departure last year of Anthony Tozzi, and subsequent efforts to replace him that did not succeed.”

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Saratoga Today spoke to Supervisor Vincent DeLucia and he said “six candidates made the final list for interviews. The article states O’Neill served for more than 16 years in the Saratoga County Planning Department.

“She has an abundance of knowledge in agriculture and open space,” according to DeLucia’s comments in the news article.

To read the full article in Saratoga Today, click here. 


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