Letter to the Editor: End the gridlock on Route 9

If people wish to end gridlock on US Rte. 9 and Northway they need to contact the Capital District Transportation Committee CDTC [email protected] which is requesting public comments on it 2018-20 Unified Planning Work Program Document until March 22, 2018; and request a study of a new Colonie/Clifton Park bridge.

The original plan from the 1960s said that the Colonie/Clifton Park bridge would be needed by 2020. The new American Infrastructure Act which will include highway funding if adopted would provide most of the funding for the new bridge. Also, this part of the Mohawk River is controlled by the New York State Canal Authority which is now owned and operated by the New York State Power Authority. The New York State Power Authority could provide the state and local part of the funding required under the proposed American Infrastructure Act. A study is required for funding the new bridge.

The current CDTC plan does NOT include a study of a new Colonie/Clifton Park bridge across the Mohawk River to be located somewhere between Vly Rd and Albany Shaker Rd on Colonie/Latham side and between Van Vranken Rd and Vischer Ferry Rd on the Clifton Park side. This Colonie/Clifton Park bridge will reduce pressure on US Rte. 9 and Northway which now gridlock whenever there is an accident. Since town Supervisors and city mayors in Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties are on the CDTC board people should also email their supervisor/mayor as well.

John Bergener, Jr.


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