PHOTOS: My first-hand account of the Ballston Spa High School Student Walk Out

On Wednesday, Mar. 14, Ballston Spa High School students joined other students nationwise in the #ENOUGH National Walk Out to protest gun violence. School administrators and teachers helped students facilitate the walk out while refraining from taking an actual position on the topic.

Students walked out of their classes at 10 a.m.  The protest lasted for exactly 17 minutes in honor of the 17 victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. During the protest the BSHS students chanted “We are students! We are victims! We are change!”

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Students speaking also said “in the next couple of years, Millennials will officially out number the amount of Baby Boomers in the voting population,” a statistic they said represents how they (the students) “can change our country by voting in the next couple of years.”

As more Millennials are able to vote, they will be able to make the changes (for gun controls and mental health topics) they believe in.

The student co-ordinators raised over $1,000 for March for Our Lives and set up a GoFundMe page where anyone could donate to help the cause. They also made tee shirts for the event and sold them to students.

Overall, I thought the walkout was upbeat and exciting for me to both photograph and participate in. I learned alot of people blame the President and want him to do something about gun laws.

Photography-wise, I was shorter than many participants so I found getting certain angles a bit challenging.  I’d like to hear from local photographers who may have tips for me and overcoming my height challenge.

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Ballston Spa Walkout Mar. 14, 2018 Junior at BSHS, Anya Sager

Junior at BSHS, Anya Sager. Photo submitted via Corey Osborn.


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