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Former BHBL student pleads guilty to making terrorist threat

BALLSTON – A former Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake student pleaded guilty to attempting to make a terrorist threat against the school in Saratoga County court Tuesday. Joseph P. Rossi, 20, of Charlton, admitted in court on April 8, that he attempted to intimidate a civilian population by posting an online video where he threatened to commit murder in the second degree at a Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake school.

The District Attorney’s Office has been in regular contact with officials from the Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake school district throughout the proceedings. Assistant District Attorney Charles Bucca prosecuted the case and deferred comment until sentencing.

District Attorney Karen A. Heggen commended the quick response and cooperation between Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and school district officials saying, “When notified by concerned citizens of the threatening online video post the Sheriff’s Office and school officials worked together to quickly investigate and alleviate any threat to the public by identifying, locating and charging the defendant within hours of the threatening post. This case exemplifies how helpful the public can be in maintaining safety and security of our schools.”

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Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 8, 2018, at which time Rossi is expected to be sentenced to five years probation with mental health and substance abuse terms, as well as a permanent order of protection that will prohibit visiting school properties or contacting employees or students.

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