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Silo Point Apartments Receive Garage Construction Approval

BALLSTON — The Silo Point apartment complex at 20 Mourningkill Dr. has received approval for the construction of a seven-stall garage on its property. In a near unanimous decision, the Ballston Planning Board green-lit the proposal Wednesday after a presentation by a representative from ABD Engineers.

ABD Engineers cited marketability as the reason for the construction. “We’re selling country-style apartments. People are going to be more interested in having this kind of parking,” said the representative. “With 40 two-bedroom units, the eight garages we already have and the additional seven, we’re not even at half the residents. There shouldn’t be an issue in renting them and I do feel the demand would be there.”

Planning Board Vice Chairperson Audeliz Matias voted against the approval citing density.

“I think it’s cramping everything even more, especially because the garage is right against Route 50. I would prefer to see the open space out there,” Matias said.

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The Silo Point apartments sit lower than the road so the owners believe visibility will not be an issue. Landscaping changes will also be implemented to buffer the view from Route 50 with trees.

“It’s still very close to Route 50,” Matias rebuked. “Things often look better in 2-D and different in 3-D.”

The board also approved construction of two illuminated, timed site signs at Blue Heron Trail Apartments, as well as a 6.7-acre lot line adjustment at 831 Route 67.

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