Malta Planning Board meets to discuss Park Place project

Board Hears Updates to Park Place Commercial Plan

MALTA – Developers presented updated plans for the proposed commercial area in Park Place to the Malta Planning Board Tuesday.

The Park Place proposal, unveiled earlier this year, would be located south of exit 12 and feature up to 80,000 square feet of commercial property, not including multi-story additions. The plans include a bank, pharmacy, daycare facility, restaurant, two service bases and two retail buildings.

Some changes stem from suggestions by the board, notably traffic congestion in the areas surrounding the daycare and bank.

The planners have updated islands with the new standards pending DOT approval; added additional dumpsters; and presented proof of pending approval from sewer, water and health authorities. Trees will also be added to the perimeter per the board’s request.

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Several concerns still remain for members of the board, including adding handicap parking near the daycare, and additional street lamps.

But most notably: an adequate fire lane.

A representative from the Malta fire company suggested the district was lacking in access to the full scope of fire suppression vehicles. The current standards only require accommodating the smallest vehicles but with a daycare present, fire services are a high priority.

Current turning radius bars access for many of the department’s vehicles. “I’m a good driver. I couldn’t bring that car around there,” the representative said. “We can consider aerial, but there’s not adequate access.”

Planners emphasized that they met the minimum standards for fire access but suggested that they can and will meet the fire company’s standards.

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