Photo of Ballston Lake Government Center where the Sewer Committee discussed remaining easements for sewer project

Sewer Committee acquiring final easements for project

BALLSTON — The Ballston Lake Sewer Committee is down to the final easements for the ongoing sewer project in the Ballston Lake sewer district.

The board estimates around 50 easements, or non-possessory rights to the use of privately held land, remain before it has the necessary means to continue with development. Nine of these cases include potential use of eminent domain but have yet to be decided.

The committee met earlier this month to discuss remaining obstacles to the $10.6 million project intended to provide infrastructure to approximately 700 parcels of land located adjacent to the lake, along Main Street and within Buell Heights.

The project will protect the water quality of Ballston Lake, which is currently listed as an impaired water body with the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation.

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After a referendum on October 14, 2015 approved the project with 280 in favor and 135 against, the details have been a source of anxiety and anger in the community, most notably the mandatory hook-up fees required of district residents affected by the decision.

Costs of connecting a property’s sewer system to the new sewer line can range from $3,500 to $10,000 depending on distance. Ballston Lake residents will have 60 days to perform the mandatory connection to the new sewer system or face fines of up to $1,000 per day of non-compliance, with the possibility of jail time.

In the wake of complaints and concerns from the public, the board has implemented numerous exemptions regarding cost and mandatory hook-ups. These include distance exemptions, new septic exemptions and economic hardship exemptions. A full list, including the details, is available here.

You can sign up for email notifications when there is a project update released, as well as address any questions to the board at, [email protected], or reach them by phone at 518-605-6236.

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