Letter to the Editor: Vote Cobb for Congress

I recently attended a rally for Tedra Cobb in Gloversville. She’s running for US Congress in NY’s 21st District stretching from Ballston Spa all the way to the Canadian border and St. Lawrence River. I was impressed with several facets of her experience.

First, Ms. Cobb has lived, worked and raised a family in this district since college. She’s run several businesses and nonprofits in the district, so she knows fiscal discipline.

She’s been elected to her county legislature three times, so she already knows what constituent service is all about. And her work experience includes energy renewability. She’s extremely focused on renewable energy and health insurance issues and how she can improve each.

As to her personality and character, she told us that three of her most respected female political mentors happen to be registered republicans. She’s a democrat, but clearly believes in working with anyone moving in the same direction on issues, regardless of party.

On Nov. 6, I urge voters to consider Tedra Cobb for U.S. Congress.

David Gibson
Ballston Lake


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