Citizen Watchdogs

A community is as strong as the residents, its leaders, friends and families. The Ballston Journal encourages communication, conversations, talking points, discussions and news tips of value to protect and preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Citizen Watchdogs come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are concerned, sometimes they have questions….sometimes, they just want to share something cool.  Whatever it is, it is welcome!

We offer a number of ways to participate and try to publish as many submissions as possible.  Review our policies here and/or choose from the following:

    A Letter to the Editor is a commentary or an opinion on a recent news article and is written "to" the news staff in a conversational format. An Op-Ed is an essay that gives the opinion of the writer with supporting details and facts. Speak Up & Speak Out allows for anonymous opinions and thoughts about local issues. News Tips and Photos can be traffic alerts to fun photos from around town.
  • Sorry, we will not accept attachments containing text. You must copy/paste your submission here. Please proofread! Submissions cannot be edited once published.
  • Required for Letter to the Editor and Op-Ed pieces.
  • Required for Letter to the Editor and Op-Ed pieces.
  • Required for all Letters to the Editor and Op-Ed submissions.


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