Letters to the Editor

Letters are subject to editing for length, taste, clarity and accuracy. Please include a daytime phone number and/or email address. We only consider letters written exclusively for the Ballston Journal Online and our readers prefer items that do not exceed 500 words.

Ideally, your submission should refer to an article that has appeared within the last seven days, in our media or another local media. Include headline, link if possible, and name of publication and author.

Political candidate announcements are NOT accepted as Letters to the Editor or Op-Ed pieces. To advertise, email [email protected].

Sorry, we cannot acknowledge receipt of all letters, nor is publication guaranteed.

Some tips for getting your letter published:

Write simply ; digital news readers like things quick and to the point. Letters about current news items publish in a day or two. The length for letters suggested is about 500 words, we actually suggest shorter.

We want to let readers take turns. If you have more to say, more frequently, maybe we should talk about a neighborhood blog for you? (Click here if you might be interested). Every now and then, a letter stands out that might bend the guidelines in length a bit.  We may choose to give that letter extra space, but it is an exception, and not the “norm”.

Everyone’ opinions are welcome and anyone choosing to comment on a letter may choose anonymity.  We know there are neighbors who have something to say but for job, service, family, whatever reasons, do not choose to be public about their identities.  We believe in their right to speak and we respect and preserve their identities.

Opinion and facts sometimes cross-over but we do try to ensure accuracy.

Overall, be respectful. Emotions can run high and passions are the basis of a good conversation. Expect a more supportive response when edit how you are saying it.  Same rules apply to our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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