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Press releases, news releases, media release or media statements are written communications to the news team announcing something of news value.  Not to be confused with an event announcement or advertisement, press releases educate and inform the public and are considered for publication by the editorial team.

You may choose whether to only submit this press release to our news staff, or whether to ask for guaranteed publication for our thousands of readers to see.

For more information on paid publishing options, call 518-885-5238 or contact us via email

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  • This will appear as press release byline.
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  • Write a compelling but concise headline. Do not use ALL CAPS.
  • Please proofread! Press releases cannot be edited after publication. Attachments of text are not accepted, sorry.
  • We strongly encourage you to submit a relevant photo or logo, no larger than 500KB, please. Accepted formats: JPEG, GIF or PNG.
  • Select search words and separate them by commas that a reader might use to find your press release. For example: Ballston, Joe Smith, fundraiser, budget, bake sale, taxes.

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