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Chris Y. Wright/The Ballston Journal Online

The Paper Bag: The T Word

Sometimes, a word is so polarizing, so vile, so incendiary that it sparks emotion, controversy and discomfort just from the mere mentioning of it, no matter the context. I’m beginning to notice that about the word “Trump.” Oft times, words like that are given a code word so that it can be used in conversation…


EDITORIAL: We love a parade

Living in a small, tightly-knit town has many advantages, not the least of which is the opportunity to come together and celebrate the virtues of community. Such an opportunity presents itself next week, as we celebrate Ballston Spa Spirit Week. The highlight of the celebration is the Friday night parade, culminating in the Homecoming Football…


EDITORIAL: Real people, real problems

For many people the seemingly endless dry and balmy weather this summer has been a godsend, especially after last year’s very wet season. But for others, the unusual weather pattern we’ve been experiencing since the spring has been more like a disaster. Apple growers especially have had an awful time of it. An early false…


EDITORIAL: Split like a log

Every ten years the federal government, as required by the Constitution, conducts a census. After they’re done, the new numbers are used to allocate congressional seats, a process which usually falls to the politicians. They in turn often have to redraw district lines because the populations in each district must essentially be the same. But…


EDITORIAL: A helping hand

With the start of the Republican Party Convention in Tampa this week, the presidential race is heating up in earnest. So is the rhetoric, most notably the seemingly ever more strident strain of anti-government sentiment. It’s a sentiment most of us can understand. We as Americans like to be left alone, and we like to…


EDITORIAL: Taking a toll

For most of this summer, television viewers have been treated to an endless stream of slick commercials touting our state’s new business-friendly attitude. “The New New York Works for Business” campaign was designed to both trumpet recent successes and entice yet more businesses to set up shop here. It was a good idea, and so far…


EDITORIAL: Not much at all

As sad as it is to say it, we’ve all gotten used to the constant wrangling on the Ballston town board, especially between Supervisor Southworth and Councilman Goslin. Most of the time their show amounts to little more than the kind of shallow drama teenagers flock to on MTV. But unfortunately for the citizens of…


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