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Extra Primary Costs Taxpayers $300k

Southworth angered by “unfunded mandate”; cost to come out of general fund BY MARCI REVETTE [email protected] Saratoga County residents voted in an unprecedented additional primary Tuesday night to decide the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in this fall’s election. This year’s primary vote date was changed by federal District Court Judge Gary L. Sharpe…


Mayday for Mandate Relief

Southworth: “Every dollar collected in property taxes goes straight to state for unfunded mandates” BY MARCI REVETTE [email protected] Ballston Town Supervisor Patti Southworth opened the Thursday, June 14 town hall meeting on mandate relief by comparing the stress of financing unfunded New York State mandates to the international call of distress. “This is a true…


Walking Man

Tom Cavanagh treks from Canada to easternmost Long Island, raising awareness about unfunded government mandates.  BY JENNIE GREY [email protected] How far would someone go to fight for a cause? If that someone was Tom Cavanagh, he would go 459 miles on foot–in 18 days. Cavanagh, 59,  is walking from Champlain to Montauk, covering most of…


County forum visits Ballston

BY GREG HITCHCOCK [email protected] Saratoga County appears to be making good on its promise to make government more transparent as it held its first community forum meeting during a town board meeting in Ballston on Tuesday March 6. County Board of Supervisors Chairman Thomas Wood III was on hand to answer questions from board members…


A tightened belt shouldn't be a noose

At the Dec. 1 Saratoga County Board of Supervisors budget hearing no one was very happy. Some were angry at the proposed funding cuts. Others were displeased at the property tax hike. Still others were fearful of the possible changes to their retirement benefits. And the supervisors themselves were nothing if not grim. But on…


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